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Character Extras:

Lupin: Excerpts from Blood Red Moon
Chapter Two
Chapter Four
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Twelve

Excerpts from Pure White Star
Chapter One

Potter: Travel Journal (previous character incarnation)
Entry One
Entry Two
Entry Three
Entry Four
Entry Five

Scamander: Stories and Art
The Dancing Carpathian Prince
The Pinball Wizard
Percy and Sirius playing pool
The Cellist

Snape: Travel Journal
Entry one
Entry two
Entry three
Entry four
Entry five
Entry six

Tonks: Excerpts from Wands of Passion
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Charts and Genealogy:

The Black Family Tree, by Gatewaygirl

Relationship List: Regulus Black, by Anonymous

Relationship List: Sirius Black, by Gatewaygirl

Relationship List: Remus Lupin, by Arionrhod

Relationship List: Severus Snape, by Scribbulus_ink

Relationship List: Serenus Snape, by Scribbulus_ink

Game Meta:

Leaky-verse Werewolves, by Arionrhod

Origin of the Lupicinus

Some Things About My Tonks, by Violet_quill

Tips to Tell Leakyverse and Canon Apart

Visuals of Snape Manor