Welcome to The Leaky!

Welcome to the newly designed website for The Leaky RPG! Here you'll find everything you'll need to know about the game -- and then some, including current characters as well as any recasting information -- and even some out of game extras!

The sidebar contains all your links so feel free to floo anywhere when you're ready. Click about to learn more about the premise of the game and it's structure. The current cast of characters is found here as well as extra goodies such as links to each character's memories, synopses and interviews in The Drips (our fan community). If you're trying to find out about who used to play who -- check out the graveyard.

Our wonderful fanbase has supplied wonderful fan art throught the past year and it can be found in The Gallery. If you're interested in Leaky-based Fanfiction, that can be found in The Room. Other goodies on the site include icons if you want to share your Leaky love.

New to the game? Not a problem. We have summaries to get you caught up on all the action in and around the pub.

So browse around and enjoy your stay!

The Leaky's website was last updated on 11 January 2006.

The site is graciously hosted by Jateshi and maintained and designed by Lia (thescarletwoman). Banner art is by Karasu Hime, with thanks to Leogryffin for allowing us to use it on the site.