Enter the Leaky

So, you want to join us?

Let us know if you are interested in one of these characters; the ones that say they have backstory, there's enough that it would be nice if you'd figure a way to pick up smoothly. If you have a different (canon) character in mind, even one with a minor canon role but who you have big ideas for, that's not impossible. Application form is located below. Questions are always welcome.

Katie Bell = OPEN (never played in game)
Terry Boot = OPEN
Lavender Brown-Jordan = OPEN with backstory
Cho Chang = Under Consideration
Penelope Clearwater = OPEN (minimally played in game)
Marietta Edgecombe = OPEN (never been played in game)
Marcus Flint = OPEN with backstory
Filius Flitwick = OPEN (never been played in game)
Anthony Goldstein = OPEN (never been played in game)
Greg Goyle = OPEN with backstory
Angelina Johnson = OPEN (minimally played in game)
Lee Jordan = OPEN with backstory
Morag McDougal = OPEN (never been played in game)
Minerva McGonagall = OPEN
Parvati Patil = OPEN with some backstory
Alicia Spinnet = OPEN (never been played in game)
Andromeda Black Tonks = OPEN (never been played in game)
Sybill Trelawney = OPEN (never been played in game)
Lisa Turpin = Under Consideration
Ginny Weasley = Under Consideration
Oliver Wood = OPEN with backstory

We've talked about having a Fenrir Greyback, but we think that would take a deft touch in a game that's fundamentally not dark. Brilliant ideas shall be listened to.

The Application

LJ name (yours):
Name you go by:
Preferred email address:
Y!M username:

Age statement:


Character you are interested in playing:

Brief (2ish paragraph) description of the character as you see her or him (behavior and personality):

Brief physical description (this doesn't have a huge amount of bearing on casting. Just wanna see what you're considering):

Characters with whom you see this character interacting often, and nature of relationships (that is, you see a likely or possible romantic relationship with this character, a long-standing friendship with that one, a recent collegial relationship with that one, and a decade-long hate of so and so even though you interact):


Have you RP'ed before? List some examples of your RPing, if so.

Sample post of maybe 300-500 words or so (this won't be part of the game, course, but just so we get a sense of how you might write this character. Remember: 3rd person, past tense):

Any other writing samples you think we oughtta see:


Give your character a dirty little secret. Something other game characters probably wouldn't know about.

Send all completed applications to the mods with a subject line indicating it's an application.

Last Updated: 11 January 2006