About the Leaky

The Leaky RPG began on September 10, 2004, opening with the idea that it would be "the RPG with beer goggles". We set the stage shortly after the end of the second war with Voldemort; our survivors use the Leaky Cauldron as a central meeting point as they attempt to rebuild what is left of their lives in many cases. Every Tuesday and Friday night is Karaoke Night at the Leaky, and on Wednesday and Sunday, patrons can see Sirius Black/Stubby Boardman perform live, which usually involves at least one Bowie tune.

As you can easily see, the Leaky isn't a heavily canon-based RPG. Booze and sex abound as well as a good dose of Karaoke mixed in with the drama with a helping of het and slash (of both the m/m and f/f sort) smut on the side. This is certainly not a game for anyone under the age of 18 to read and/or join.

Though the game is set five years in the past (the year is currently 2000 at the Leaky), all events are played out in real time. Everything in the game is written in third person, past tense, and play varies from complete scenes posted at once (or logs) to scenes posted in a series of comments between players. There is a rare occasion when a post will be backdated and all posts are labled with headers including the date the action takes place, the characters involved, the setting as well as a brief summary of the scene.

In order to follow the game, you'll have to friend the two main communities: The Leaky (where all action inside the pub itself takes place) and Outside Leaky (where any action outside of the pub takes place). On a rare occasion, characters will post in their personal journals as well, but this is a rare occurance, and such posts are announced in The Drips -- the watcher community for the RPG.

Characters have also been known to stop by for A Day With the Drips, during which readers can ask them questions and interact with the characters outside of the game. All Leaky-based fanfiction and fan art can be found in the Drips as well as any announcements of fan chats -- the Drips is definitely a community to watch for any fan of the Leaky!